White Fillings

White Fillings in Sheffield

If you require a filling in your tooth, a cosmetic option would be to choose a white filling material that matches the shade of your surrounding natural teeth. You can also have any existing metallic fillings replaced with tooth-coloured or 'white' fillings. This will allow you to smile without a metallic glint in sight, giving your teeth a more natural appearance overall.

Here is how white fillings work:


This is a safe procedure that entails the removal of any decay from your tooth, and taking out the metal or amalgam fillings if you are having them replaced.


The new filling is made from a very hard tooth-coloured substance and will withstand the forces in your mouth when you bite and chew over a long period of time.


The restoration is completed in one visit and your fillings will not be visible when you smile.

Life Benefits

  • Natural-looking restoration.
  • Improved cosmetic appearance of filled teeth while still being able to bite and chew as usual.
  • Hard-wearing restorative solution.

When you think of fillings, you might picture the unsightly silver amalgam fillings commonly used in the past. Here at S10 dental we provide white fillings. These are made from tooth-coloured materials so they can restore your smile’s natural appearance as well as effectively treating tooth decay.

Benefits of white fillings

One of the main benefits of white fillings is their appearance. White fillings can match several different tooth shades, so they go unnoticed in the mouth. We use materials designed to match the specific translucency and shade of your natural teeth so nobody will be able to tell you’ve had a filling. As well as aesthetic benefits, white fillings are strong and durable and attach firmly to the tooth tissue to strengthen its structure and protect against future damage.

The difference between white and metal fillings

It’s understandable to be put off by silver or metal fillings as they are highly visible when you open your mouth. Modern white fillings are just as functional as metal fillings but they look much more natural, meaning you won’t feel self conscious about your smile after treatment. Our white filings are made of composite resin and minute glass particles and can be used to replace old metal fillings.

Durability of white fillings

White fillings are a long term solution to dental decay and when looked after as part of an excellent dental hygiene regime, they should last for a number of years.

White Fillings

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