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Snoring in Sheffield

Do you or your partner suffer from breathing difficulties during sleep such as snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea? You might be pleased to know that dentistry may have a solution for you. A variety of oral devices or mouthpieces are now available that will address your snoring problems. By preventing the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep, these devices can prevent the closure of your airways, which will stop you from snoring. Your dentist can fit one of these for you.

Here is how the treatment works:


A custom-made mouth piece is made from impressions taken of your teeth to ensure they fit you comfortably.


Made from a hard wearing plastic, the mouthpiece is worn at night and works by holding the bottom jaw in a slightly forward position.


This position opens up your airway significantly, allowing you to breathe better and as a result sleep better too.

Life Benefits

  • Better quality of sleep due to undisturbed breathing.
  • Improved overall health due to better quality of sleep.

If snoring, sleep apnoea or bruxism interfere with your sleep on a regular basis, you are likely to find yourself feeling tired and lacking in concentration throughout the day. Here at S10 Dental, we are qualified to supply the Somnowell anti-snoring device. This revolutionary device is the only oral appliance to provide a comfortable and effective solution to snoring.

About Somnowell

The Somnowell anti-snoring device is worn over the mouth when you sleep. It keeps the airway open by gently holding the jaw in what’s known as the ‘recovery position’. The device is made from cast chrome-cobalt alloy, a material often used in the creation of high-quality crowns, bridges and dentures. Chrome-cobalt is suitable for long-term oral use and is resistant to the bacteria often found in acrylic plastic.

Built to last, the Somnowell device will look and feel exactly the same after more than 10 years of use.

Snoring / Somnowell

How does the Somnowell device work?

The Somnowell anti-snoring appliance works by gently holding your jaw in the ‘recovery position’ as you sleep. This is an excellent method to make sure the airway is open throughout the night. Somnowell has a unique lower jaw connecting section that allows the tongue ample space to move about, providing more comfort than other anti-snoring appliances. Once you’ve got used to wearing the Somnowell device at night, you’ll forget it’s even there! Speaking, drinking and taking medication are all easy to do whilst wearing the Somnowell appliance.

What else does it treat?

As well as being a comfortable anti-snoring treatment, the Somnowell device takes into account each patient’s individual jaw joint features so the appliance can be used to effectively treat jaw pain. In addition, it also helps to keep the teeth in the correct position and prevents tooth grinding, also known as bruxism.

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