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    Dental Implants in Sheffield

    Dental Implants at S10 Dental in Sheffield

    A long-lasting solution to tooth loss

    Ankylos LogoDental implants are a popular long-term and cost effective solution to tooth loss that can fully restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth. Implants substitute the root portion of a missing tooth and can securely support a crown, bridge or denture. They should be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth and are medically proven to slow down bone loss, preserve healthy tissue and do not require any damage to neighbouring healthy teeth.

    Dental Implants in Sheffield
    The S10 Dental team has extensive experience of fitting dental implants; we use the Astra Tech dental implant system, which is a world-leading product that combines state-of-the-art dental engineering with truly flawless aesthetics.

    Why not book a free cosmetic assessment to discuss whether dental implants would be the best treatment option for you? Most people are suitable candidates for implants and they deliver outstanding results that can transform your smile.

    Benefits of Astra Tech dental implants:

    • Chemically modified titanium surface stimulates early bone healing and speeds up the healing process
    • Creates strong bone-to-implant bonding
    • Minute threads on the neck of the implant ensure optimal load distribution and lower stress loads
    • Connical connection below marginal bone level transfers load deeper down in the bone
    • Interior of implant is sealed off from surrounding healthy tissue
    • Protects the marginal bone
    • Flawless aesthetics are integrated into the system design
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