Conscious Sedation

Conscious Sedation in Sheffield

Many patients feel self-conscious about dental treatment and nervous about visiting the dentist. We offer special care to our anxious patients through two forms of sedation to make their appointments more comfortable and relaxing.


The first type is called intravenous or IV sedation. The sedative drug is injected in a controlled manner, so that you feel relaxed during the dental treatment.


The second type is inhalation sedation, which is good if you don't like needles. A small mask is placed over your nose and mouth, and you breathe in a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This gas mixture will make you feel calm during your dental appointment. You remain awake and aware while receiving the sedation, but you will experience a deep sensation of peace and relaxation while the team work on your teeth.

Our team of dentists and nurses are specially trained to deliver these types of sedation and will make sure that you are safe and comfortable at all times during your visit.

Life Benefits

  • Now you don't have to let your fear of the dentist stop you from getting the dental treatment that you need.
  • A safe way to feel calm and relaxed during dental treatment.

IV (Intravenous) Sedation

Sit back and relax

Many people are anxious about visiting the dentist; some even have a dental phobia. In fact, recent research would suggest that the number one reason adults put off dental treatment is fear. Fortunately, there are ways to help you manage your anxiety and receive the care you need.

At S10, we have worked extensively with nervous patients, and provide a number of suitable treatment options, including intravenous conscious (IV) sedation.

IV sedation works by delivering an anti-anxiety sedative directly into your bloodstream to induce a state of deep relaxation. You will remain conscious during your treatment, and able to understand and respond to instructions from your dentist, but the sedative will create a strong feeling of calm and well-being. Typically, patients who have opted for IV sedation experience either partial or full memory loss from when the drug is administered until its effects wear off. If you have a fear of injections or needles, we will only numb your mouth once the sedative has taken effect.

For nervous patients, IV sedation can positively transform their experience of visiting the dentist. It is ideal for patients who do not want to be aware of the dental procedure they are having, and the level of sedation can be individually tailored. The results tend to be highly effective and reliable.

If you are a nervous patient and would like to find out more about IV sedation, why not book a free appointment today to discuss your needs?

Conscious Sedation

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