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    Teeth in a Day

    Is it time for a great smile with dentures?

    Dentures are a time-tested solution when you’ve lost all or most of your teeth. With dentures, you’ll have a great new smile to enjoy your life!

    1. We take great pride in creating custom-made dentures that look and feel great and make our patients happy.
    2. Your smile stays the same, but with nicer attractive teeth.
    3. With today’s durable materials, dentures can last a very long time.
    4. Restoring your teeth will enhance your appearance and self-confidence.

    We take great pride in giving our patients the best-looking, most durable dentures possible.

    You can expect expertly custom-made dentures

    1. You will choose from the range of options that are suitable for you.
    2. You’ll have measurements and a fitting to ensure a comfortable fit.
    3. We’ll create a model that’s the exact shape and position for your dentures.
    4. State-of-the-art technology and very durable materials ensure dentures will last a very long time.
    5. We’ll keep this affordable, so payments will be within your means.

    At every step, you can trust our expertise in creating a long-lasting healthy smile for you!

    Dental implants will stabilize dentures

    Some patients choose to get dental implants to secure their dentures, to eliminate slipping.

    Just 4 implants act as anchors to stabilise an arch of full teeth. Two dental implants are fitted at 45 degrees, so this is suitable for patients lacking in healthy jaw bone. This procedure is known as “All on Four.” Talk to your dentist about this option.

    1. Your new stabile arch can be cared for like your natural teeth.
    2. There’s no need to remove them at night or when you sit down to eat.
    3. Food will taste as it should as the upper arch doesn’t cover the mouth’s roof.
    4. Same day implants can last a lifetime when cared for appropriately.
    5. The greater stability provided by the full arch prevents further bone loss.

    Smile confidently

    Teeth in a dayTeeth in a day: Same-day teeth not only allow you to smile with confidence once again they also provide lift to the face, eliminating the sagging of skin around the jaw-line and the smile. This allows you to enjoy a more youthful profile.

    The S10 Dental team has extensive expertise and experience in fitting dentures and all-on-4 dental implants. Why delay any longer. Book a free cosmetic assessment and we will assess your suitability. Most people are great candidates for dental implants – which help us achieve aesthetic excellence.