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    Jaw pain & headaches

    If you suffer with jaw pain and headaches, it could be due to a problem with your teeth. Here at S10 Dental, we treat many patients for jaw pain and headaches in Sheffield and can help you too. We will inspect your dental occlusion, which is a name for the way your teeth meet together when you bite down. Often, resolving problems with occlusion can relive jaw pain and headaches for Sheffield patients.

    What kind of problems can cause jaw pain and headaches?

    If your teeth don’t come together properly when you bite down, you could end up with pain in your jaw, in the temporo-mandibular joint, in your gums and even in your head and neck. The kinds of issues which cause these problems include:

    • Misaligned teeth
    • Loose teeth
    • Receding gums
    • Disorder of the TMJ (temporo-mandibular joint)
    • Teeth grinding and clenching
    • Arthritis

    Lifestyle factors can also increase the risk of developing jaw pain and headaches, such as smoking, alcohol, recreational drug use, emotional stress and tiredness.

    What can you do about jaw pain and headaches?

    We offer a range of treatments which can help alleviate your pain and discomfort. Your dentist will recommend a suitable treatment for your needs, which may include:

    • Therapy: Relaxation and counselling can help in some cases, helping you to manage stress better and control tension in your body.
    • Dietary changes: If your joint is causing you problems, it makes sense to put less pressure on that joint. Your dentist may recommend a soft diet and the application of heat to ease the pain.
    • Physiotherapy: Exercises can often help to correct your bite and to loosen up the tendons and muscles that are causing your pain.
    • Mouth guards: If your dentist believes your pain is caused by clenching and / or grinding, they may recommend a custom fitted mouth guard to protect your teeth and jaw while you sleep.
    • Tooth adjustment: Adjusting the slope and position of teeth can often help correct the position of the jaw. This can be achieved with an aligner or other appliance which gently moves the teeth into the correct position.
    • Tooth replacement: If you are missing teeth, the TMJ may be being put under excessive strain due to not being properly supported on both sides. Implants, bridges or crowns may be recommended to correct this.

    Up to one in four people experience pain and discomfort due to a problem with their teeth, so you are not alone with this issue. Talk to our team today about your jaw pain and headaches and let us see if we can help you live more comfortably.