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    Facial Wrinkles

    Turn back the clock by banishing facial lines and wrinkles

    In addition to our high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry services, we offer an extensive choice of facial aesthetic treatments that aim to make you look and feel fantastic. We can rejuvenate your appearance by treating those tell-tale facial lines and wrinkles associated with ageing skin, such as crow’s feet, nose to mouth lines, horizontal brow lines and marionette lines.

    facial wrinklesOur S10 team has extensive training and experience in facial aesthetics, and will be happy to discuss your treatment options in more detail during a skin consultation. We will listen closely to your hopes for treatment and gain a strong understanding of how problem facial wrinkles may be affecting your self-confidence. We can then suggest the best treatment options and explain how they work.

    Dermal fillers

    As we age, natural collagen supplies begin to diminish and we begin to lose volume in our skin as the effects of gravity cause sagging skin and loss of definition in our cheeks, creating a tired appearance.

    At S10 we provide injectable dermal fillers which act as an incredible anti-aging treatment with no down-time and instant results. Dermal fillers improve our skin’s tone and elasticity as well as adding hydration for a younger and more supple complexion. Our filler of choice is Restylane, one of the world’s most popular facial treatments.

    Restylane dermal fillers are our top choice because they use natural hyaluronic acid to enhance facial features such as the lips, cheeks, tear troughs (the area below your eye) and lines between the nose and mouth to rejuvenate your skin and restore your natural beauty with a fresh, youthful complexion.

    Lip fillers

    As well as enhancing natural beauty around the eyes and cheeks, here at S10 Dental we also use dermal fillers to create a fuller lip line. Our lips become smaller and thinner as we age and develop fine lines around the edges, making us look older than we feel. With our lip filler treatments, we can bring the youthful plumpness back to your smile without the need for invasive surgery.

    We use hyaluronic acid in our lip fillers to subtly enhance lips and restore them to natural fullness. Our top treatment for lips is Restylane Lip Volume, which is designed to work in harmony with the natural structure of your lips to create enhanced volume and a balanced top and bottom lip profile.