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    Teeth straightening in Sheffield

    Also known as orthodontics, teeth straightening can be undertaken in a variety of ways. You don’t have to commit to having a mouthful of unsightly metal for many months, as teeth straightening can often be done using barely visible braces, or even just wearing a straightening device overnight.

    Whatever your goals, we’re here to help with teeth straightening in Sheffield. Orthodontics have undergone rapid development over recent years, and  now it’s cheaper and easier to achieve straighter teeth and a better bite for everyone.

    The benefits of teeth straightening

    We often undertake teeth straightening for cosmetic reasons, but there are plenty of clinical benefits too. Here are just some of the benefits our patients have experienced after undergoing a course of teeth straightening with us:

    • Increased confidence: It’s easy to say, ‘just be yourself’, but if you don’t love your smile it can be a scary concept. Having beautifully straight teeth can give you the confidence to smile and to go out there and live your best life.
    • Bite improvement: Crooked teeth can interfere with the way you bite down when eating, which can lead to jaw pain or abnormal wear of the teeth. Adjusting your teeth so they bite properly can have big benefits to your ongoing oral health and general wellbeing too.
    • Lower risk of tooth decay: When teeth are all crowded, it’s hard to clean them effectively. This can lead to a higher risk of tooth decay and other problems. Straightening the teeth makes it easier to brush and floss with fewer hidden areas.
    • Speaking clearly: Crooked teeth can make it hard to pronounce certain words or to form particular sounds with the mouth.
    • Reduces headaches: Many people come to us for teeth straightening as they’re suffering with migraines and frequent headaches. The stresses in the jaw caused by biting down irregularly can often cause headaches, which can be fixed with straighter teeth.

    There are many more benefits to having straighter teeth, all of which our dentists will be happy to talk to you about. Orthodontics aren’t just for kids; plenty of adults have enjoyed the benefits of straighter, healthier teeth too.

    Getting teeth straightening in Sheffield

    Our state of the art clinic in Sheffield is the perfect setting to begin your journey to straighter teeth. We have a range of treatments on offer to fit with your lifestyle and needs, so talk to our team today about treatments for straighter teeth.