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    Gleaming white teeth are an ambition for many people today. Modern lifestyles where we enjoy coffee, tea and wine can lead to unsightly stains on our teeth, and a smile that is more yellow than white.

    Discolouration of our teeth can be a problem for men and women at any age, but thankfully it’s not always irreversible. Our specialists in stain removal are able to help restore your beautiful white smile, and eradicate those stains which are taking away your self confidence

    Why choose a dentist for stain removal?

    There are many products sold on the internet and over the counter which claim to help restore whiter teeth. However, many of these products are largely ineffective and, in the worst of cases, can even be dangerous or harmful to your teeth.

    To get a whiter smile for life, it’s always recommended to deal with a professional, as they will have the best interests of your oral heath at heart.

    Our treatment for stain removal in Sheffield

    Our Sheffield based patients can attend our cutting edge clinic to enjoy one of two stain removal treatments on offer. A dental professional will take the lead from start to finish, ensuring you have the most effective outcome and that your oral health is maintained throughout.

    • Boutique: Boutique Whitening is a high quality stain removal gel, designed to give you great results in a short space of time. There is no acid involved, so your teeth will not be damaged by the treatment. We create a bespoke gel tray that fits perfectly on your teeth, and you use the specially formulated gel every night for one to two weeks. Results are usually visible in just a few days.
    • Enlighten: The Enlighten whitening system uses a patented tooth serum to prevent sensitivity from the whitening treatment. If sensitive teeth are already a concern for you, we usually recommend this option. It also uses a custom made tooth tray which your dentist will ask you to wear for up to two weeks overnight. The treatment has been shown to brighten teeth by up to 16 shades and our patients are always pleasantly surprised by the results.

    Choosing to have your stain removal treatment under the supervision of a dentist not only ensures you get great value for money, it also gives you the peace of mind that the treatment is not going to harm your teeth.

    Get in touch for stain removal treatments

    When tooth whitening is done by a trained professional, the treatment is perfectly safe. If you want real results delivered in a safe and healthy manner, talk to our team today.