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    Root canal treatment

    When a tooth becomes infected in the pulp, the best course of action to prevent further infection and pain is to perform root canal treatment. In Sheffield, S10 Dental are one of the leading practices for this treatment and can ensure your root canal is done effectively, painlessly and with great results. If you need root canal treatment in Sheffield, get in touch with us today.

    What is a root canal treatment?

    This type of treatment involves the removal of the pulp inside a tooth as well as the nerve. It is used to treat an infection in the middle of a tooth, the area known as the canal system.

    What causes you to need a root canal treatment?

    When your x-ray shows up infection in the pulp of the tooth, you need a root canal treatment. You may notice pain when eating or drinking, a loose tooth or even swelling of the gum around the tooth itself. An infection in the pulp will not heal by itself, rather the pulp will start to die and allow the bacteria to multiply and spread.

    How painful is the root canal treatment?

    During the treatment, you will be administered a local anaesthetic which will ensure you are completely numb and do not feel any discomfort.

    What happens after a root canal treatment?

    Once all the bacteria have been removed, the root canal will be filled, and the tooth repaired using a filling or a crown. You may feel a little sensitivity afterwards, but nothing that a normal painkiller won’t help with.

    If you have more questions about root canal treatments and what’s involved, talk to our friendly team here at S10 Dental. Our dentists have been performing root canals with great success for many years and will treat you with sensitivity and patience. Don’t put off having your root canal treated, as you run the risk of developing painful toothache. We’re here to help.