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    Having a tooth missing can be a big blow to your confidence, particularly when it’s in your smile line. As well as making you feel self-conscious, it can reduce your ability to bite and chew effectively, making you miss out on some of the foods you used to love.

    A dental implant is an effective solution to replace a missing tooth. They last for years, are as strong as a natural tooth and nobody will ever know the difference. At S10, we can provide dental implants in Sheffield to restore your confidence and keep you smiling longer.

    What is a dental implant?

    A dental implant is a metal fixing, usually made from titanium, which is fixed into your jawbone just like a tooth. At the top, they have a screw fitting called an abutment which will hold a crown or denture in place. If you have several teeth missing, a single implant can be used to hold a number of teeth in place, giving you back your bite and your smile all in one treatment.

    How are dental implants fitted?

    The process of having your implants fitted will depend greatly on your own personal situation. It can sometimes take several weeks for the treatment to be completed, but your dentist will be able to outline the treatment plan and timeline once they’ve taken a look at your teeth.

    In general, an implant will take place in three stages:

    1. Placement of the implant: The first stage will involve removal of any tooth structure which is left in the area, and then insertion of the implant itself. We will use a local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.
    2. Fusion of the implant: We need to wait for the natural bone to grow around the implant to securely hold it in place before we attach your new tooth or teeth. This can take from six weeks to a few months.
    3. Fitting of the new teeth: Our team will design new teeth to fit on the abutment which will fit perfectly with the rest of your smile. These will be fitted to the abutment and will be no different to look at than any of your other teeth.

    In some cases, we can provide an implant in a shorter space of time, but this will depend on your situation. Talk to your dentist in more detail for personalised information on your own implant treatment.

    Getting dental implants in Sheffield

    Across the UK, more than 130,000 implants are undertaken each year. Here at S10, we deliver many implants ourselves, and have a specialist team ready to help you if you feel it’s a treatment you would like. Talk to your dentists today about getting an implant or contact us for an informal chat.