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    If you’re in need of root canal treatment, it makes sense to enlist the help of a specialist endodontist to take care of your tooth. While all endodontists are dentists, only around three percent of dentists are endodontists, demonstrating just how specialist these skills are. For root canals, choose a specialist in endodontics in Sheffield from S10.

    What are endodontics?

    Endodontics, also known  as root canal therapy, removes the dead, infected tissue from the canals inside the tooth. This treatment is used to stop and prevent dental pain and the formation of painful abscesses as a result of infection.

    What happens during root canal treatment?

    Our patients usually have their need for a root canal treatment identified via an x-ray at a check-up or emergency appointment. It’s natural to be apprehensive about the treatment, particularly if you’ve never had it done before. Here’s what to expect at your root canal appointment:

    • Numbing the area: We begin by making sure you are comfortable, by numbing the area around the tooth requiring treatment.
    • Rubber dam: Next, we’ll insert a rubber dam to keep the area free from saliva and dry during treatment.
    • Removal of dead tissue: We’ll then proceed to remove the dead tissue from the root canals using special files to clean each canal.
    • Sealing the tooth: Once it’s all cleaned out, we need to seal the tooth to prevent further infection. Sometimes we’ll put a bit of medication inside the tooth to clear up any remaining infection.
    • Restoring the tooth: If there is a lot of tooth remaining, we will simply fill it to ensure you can bite and chew comfortably. If more restoration is needed, we may recommend a crown to restore it to full function.

    Having endodontic treatments like a root canal has a reputation for being painful, but actually most of our patients say there is no more discomfort than there is with a regular filling.

    Endodontics in Sheffield at S10

    If your dentist has recommended a root canal treatment, it makes sense to have a specialist carry out the work. Here at S10, our root canal specialists have worked on hundreds of teeth and have the experience and skills to deliver the best result for you.

    Don’t put off having your root canal treated. Early treatment gives us the best chance of saving your natural tooth, and of avoiding a painful infection later on.